About Me

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Hi There,

I’m glad you could drop by! I’m Rayna,  and I’m so excited to start sharing with you a little glimpse of all the things I love to Dabble in-  Crafts, Sewing, Crochet, Cooking, Organizing, DIYing, & Upcycling, among other things.

  I have loved Creating for as long as I can remember.  Making something from nothing, or from something else, making things useful, practical, pretty, or fun- I can’t think of many better ways to fill my free time.  Maybe eating Chinese food.

Some of My Deets:

       I’m Wife to a hardworking, sweet, & funny Guy; Mom to 2 great Kids who challenge me (in one way or another) every day; Staff to a mostly sweet but often moody Cat; I Dabble in (or want to) just about every kind of crafty thing you can think of; I love Reading, Music, Binge-watching TV, Yard Sailing (lol), Playing games of all kinds, & Hanging with my Fam; (some of) My Pet-peeves are Rude Drivers & Pedestrians, Bad spelling & Pronunciation, and when Hamburgers are served Swimming in Ketchup (ick!).

A Little of my Crafty History:

     I think Crochet was the first real crafty thing I ever tried (you know, aside from coloring, and gluing bits of construction paper and cotton balls together).  My Granny taught me how to chain stitch when I was about 5 years old, and that’s probably all I did for a few months- just yards and yards and yards of chains.  A lot of my projects have been inspired by (or shamelessly copied from) her various rugs, quilts,  dolls, & decorations that adorned our home throughout my growing up years.

           I first started sewing when I was around 10, one of my older sisters ever so patiently taught me to hand sew so I could make new outfits for my Barbie dolls.  I, myself, am not the most patient person and those first few years my dolls’ clothes were ‘clothes’ only in the most basic sense of the word- they were made of fabric, had stitches on them, and covered the important places. Not very pretty.  In high school I took a couple sewing classes, and learning to use a machine greatly increased my inclination to sew.

   Speaking of Barbies- Those dolls were also the beginning to my UpCycling/RePurposing adventures.  I was forever looking for things to decorate my awesome homemade bookcase house. I wish I had a picture- it was carpeted and wallpapered with samples my Daddy cut and glued in a kind of crazy quilt pattern, and filled with cool handmade mod style wooden furniture my brother built.  I constantly announced things ‘Barbie-sized’, adding them to my mini decor; sandwich picks shaped like swords for a wall hanging,  the weird little plastic thing from inside a pizza box for a side table, the cover from spritz hairspray for a vase.  I have since continued to look at things differently than what they were meant to be, I love finding new and unusual uses for things, and turning stuff into something else.  

I hope you’ll join me on some of my new Crafting adventures, and share with me some of your own Creative Dabblings!